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Welcome to the Fayette Flyers of Georgia

The Fayette Flyers provide a welcoming, safe, family oriented environment for enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy radio controller model aviation. Our dedicated flying field is located just north of Peachtree City and offers both a well maintained grass runway and a great lake for float flying including a two-person pedal boat. We offer instruction, regular club events, and each year host SEFF - the world's largest all-electric flyin. More information ...

The Lake Is Open for Float Flying!

Thanks to the hard work of many of our fellow members, the lake is open for float flying. There is a two-person pedal boat for easy airplane retrieval or just to tour the lake in. The boat is moored to the new floating dock and secured via a chain and padlock that carries the same combination as the main gate. The dock provides for multiple pilot stations or you can fly from the bank. There's plenty of room for everything from a SuperCub to a 25 sized Beaver, so come by and check it out for yourself.

September 8th Fun Fly Contest Results

The Spot Landing contest was highly competitive with some hair-raising landing attempts. Some landings did not end well. When the dust cleared, Nigel Harman was the winner with 14 points out of 30. Not only did pilots have to land on a line across the runway, they also had to be on the runway centerline to gain maximum points. It was definitely not as easy as it sounds.

The Limbo contest was quite entertaining. Each pilot had three tries to fly under the Limbo Tape without touching the tape or the runway. After all pilots completed three tries, the successful air aces attempted to fly under the tape after lowering it by one foot. Dan Scharlach was the victor after successfully flying under the tape at only two feet above the runway.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners and all who dared to compete. A big THANK YOU to Dave Zeigler for setting up the contests and to all the ladies who performed admirably as Contest Judges.

The Fun Fly was well attended and the weather was great! Tommy Vinci cooked up some fantastic pulled BBQ pork and we enjoyed the BBQ, hot dogs, ice cold drinks, and some great side dishes and desserts furnished by our members. A few planes didn't fare as well as our club members and their families, but everyone had a good time.


Events Coming Up...

28 Oct 2018
05:00PM - 07:00PM
October Club Meeting @ Fayette Flyers Field
02 Dec 2018
06:00PM - 08:00PM
Fayette Flyers Annual Christmas Dinner Party